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Utah Legislative audit: State wolf contract lacks accountability, appropriate safeguards

SALT LAKE CITY — A legislative audit concludes Utah spent $800,000 in wolf “delisting” efforts over the past three years in a system of expenditures that lacks appropriate safeguards and fails to direct how the money would be most effective.

Specifically, the audit found that the bulk of that money awarded to Big Game Forever was delivered via a contract that initially raised concerns with state purchasing officials and did not provide state accounting of how the money was spent.

“What our concern was is there should have been a clear opportunity or statement that the funds have been accounted for,” said Utah’s Legislative Auditor General John Schaff. “We’re really saying that the mechanism should have existed. We’re not saying there wasn’t sufficient oversight.”

Big Game Forever, founded by Don Peay and Ryan Benson, is a nonprofit organization formed to bolster healthy big game populations and stop wolf expansion…

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Odd that a state that doesn’t even have wolves is spending so much to try and get them delisted. Or perhaps it’s just a way to give tax payer money to someone… odd indeed.

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