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Environmental Group Tries To Sabotage Wolf Hunting Season

In Montana and Idaho, wolf hunting season is underway, and an environmental organization known for acts of civil disobedience is trying to disrupt the hunts.

Earth First is circulating a manual that details among other things how to dismantle traps. Authorities say some of the tactics are illegal…

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Montana and Idaho both outlawed interference with hunters. HOWLColorado doesn’t suggest any individual breaks any laws, but we do believe that any dog owner in trapping areas MUST know how to disarm a trap in order to free and save their dog.

You can find our guide to disarming traps by clicking here.

Again, we do not endorse breaking the law – no matter how barbaric the practice, education remains the best tool for bringing an end to trapping. Indiscriminate killing tools that claim unintended victims, subject wildlife to hours, if not days of torturous pain, and are opposed by about 75 percent of Americans is just the beginning. Banning traps is definitely a fight wildlife advocates can win.


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