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Montana hunters quick to kill wolves after season opens

Montana started their general wolf hunt Sunday, and already 4 wolves have had their lives ended by zealous hunters.

It’s unclear if the wolves died during the now closed archery season, or have died in the very early days of the general season. However, one thing is clear this year, the rules are lax and there is no quota to speak of – unless you count the 3 zones with limits).

December will see the start of trapping season and the general hunting season will extend in to March, meaning that this could easily be the deadliest hunting season in Montana to date.

The 2012-13 Montana hunting season claimed 225 wolves, which lead (in combination with the wetwork done by USDA’s Wildlife Services) to a reduction in population of at least 4 percent, probably a fair bit more since the 95 wolves killed in 2013 obviously don’t count towards that calculation.

The 2012 wolf total was 625, in 147 packs and 37 breeding pairs for Montana.


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