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A field team seeking to collar some of the very rare wolves instead killed a young wolf. 

The beleaguered moose has ambled onto Minnesota’s growing lists of troubled species, while wolves, snapping turtles and eagles — doing better than in past decades — have soared off the lists entirely.

Discovery of carcass indicates wolves may be making their way back into the country after more than a century.

An Alberta First Nation is promising a legal fight against an oilsands project that the province and industry have acknowledged could contribute to the local extinction of two caribou herds, and would likely involve a wolf culling program.

Wolves are skilled and ferocious hunters, but when it it comes to relationships, they’re real softies. When a playmate or partner leaves the pack, the wolves that are left behind will howl and howl and howl.

W.O.L.F., located near Fort Collins, which had to deal with 3 damaging floods, is asking supporters and volunteers for help. 

The animal-loving star has become obsessed with the predators and recently donated a generous portion of her £30m fortune to Wolf Haven, a conservation sanctuary in the US.

The endangered Mexican gray wolf released into the wilds of New Mexico last May barely had time to get to know her new surroundings. In a July press release, both federal and state wildlife officials confirmed that the wolf had been shot.

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