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Wolves and grizzly bears would seem to be archenemies, but a new study shows how wolves are actually helping grizzly bears to obtain tasty, nutritious berries in Yellowstone National Park.

Michigan will begin selling wolf hunting licences in August which will mark the first time the state has prepared to hunt wolves in nearly 40 years.

LANSING (AP) — Foes of plans to allow wolf hunting in Michigan have raised the most among groups backing statewide ballot drives. Ballot committee Keep Michigan’s Wolves Protected reported Thursday that it had taken in roughly $567,000 in 2013, much of it from national animal rights organizations… Read the entire article on Wolf hunt foes raise […]

A new sound recognition system allows researchers to identify individual wolves by just their howls with perfect accuracy.

It is well worth reading the editorial and this is the letter in response – July 7 editorial, “Making War on Wolves.”

MINNEAPOLIS — Minnesota’s midwinter wolf population has fallen by about 710 animals over the past five years to around 2,211, wildlife managers announced Tuesday, attributing the decline to fewer deer for wolves to prey upon and the resumption of sport hunting and trapping of wolves last fall.

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