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Oregon wolf agreement strikes a balance

Conservation groups and cattle ranchers each signed on the same dotted line recently, agreeing to a deal that in the long run will make life in Oregon better for both livestock and wolves.

The deal, signed May 24, creates new rules to help manage wolves that have become accustomed to preying on cattle and sheep. As a last resort, and after other nonlethal methods have been tried, the state now has the authority to kill the protected canines that are chronically targeting livestock for their next meal.

For the past year and a half, both the state and local stockowners had been banned from taking lethal action against such wolves. Conservation groups such as Oregon Wild submitted a suit that said such action violated the state Endangered Species Act.

While the suit remained stalled in the courts, it made Oregon a place where problem wolves could not be dispatched. Montana and Idaho have given ranchers and the state that ability and others in the Lower 48, such as Minnesota and Wisconsin, have long since placed protections for both wolves and ranchers…

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