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Wolf advocacy billboards return around Yellowstone

Billboard advertising may be old-school, but wolf advocacy groups hope that a few strategically placed signs will get tourists talking about the future of wolf management.

Last week, five billboards in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming were plastered with identical images of a large wolf that stared out at the tourists streaming into Yellowstone National Park. Sponsored by Predator Defense, a national wildlife advocacy organization, the wolf sign is captioned with “Coming soon: A World Without Wolves? Stop the killing.”

Predator Defense opposes the use of hunting and traps to control wolves and objects to the way Western states have set their wolf hunting seasons, said Predator Defense executive director Brooks Fahy…

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Local coverage of Project Wolf and Predator Defense putting up billboards around Yellowstone National Park.

The reports also indicate that pro-hunting groups have plans to put up their own billboards. It’s hard to see how pro-hunting messages will translate well to a billboard – whereas “save wolves” is a concise message.

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