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Back for more! Project wolf erects new “tamer” billboard

Project Wolf, responsible for the highly controversial billboard in Cody, Wyoming, is back and this time they have gone through a rebranding, pacifying their look and toning down the message. 

The new billboard pictures an attentive wolf facing the oncoming audience and the words:

Idaho Falls Project Wolf Billboard

Idaho Falls Project Wolf billboard

“Will you save me?”

The message continues on…

“Over 20% of Yellowstone Wolves have been Killed and still counting… Do you care?”

The now required “paid for by..” line sits at the bottom of the billboard and states that it was funded by Project Wolf.

This billboard is located near Idaho Falls.

The website has also undergone a hefty reworking. Gone are the brutal images from the top of the page (instead a few are scattered through the design) and instead a wordpress blog has been set up, implying some plans to expand the content offering of the site.

The previous site had seemed to intentionally pass off the education/news elements to other groups.

The new logo appears more friendly too. Previously, the logo was almost militaristic, resembling a stamp on some official mission. This new logo is built around a cartoon wolf head.

The rotator remains, and outside of one image (picturing the now infamous FWS employee posing before a trapped and bloody wolf), the images are family-friendly sun-spattered beauty shots, puppies and wolf eyes – accompanied by brutal facts such as the number of dead wolves, by state, and the fact that wolf puppies are buried alive. Reflecting the new style of billboard.

A lot of the text and messaging remains very much the same.

So, visit, and take a look at the new billboard and share your thoughts on Facebook, twitter or comment on this story.

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