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Mesker’s wolves tapped to adopt cubs

If all turns out well, one of Mesker Park Zoo’s animal couples will soon serve as foster parents to two endangered wolf pups.

A pair of male Mexican gray wolves came to the zoo last week the day after they were born at a sanctuary in New York. The plan is to have the zoo’s two adult wolves, which came to Evansville in November, be the foster parents to the young wolves. The adult pair already has a solid track record, both as foster parents and in rearing their own biological pups.

Advocates for the Mexican gray wolf consider the two newest arrivals extremely important because the pups’ mother is considered genetically important to the breed’s survival. But the litter could be the mother’s last since she’s 11 years old,

The biological mother has not had much luck keeping her pups alive. Susan Lindsey, the animal curator at Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden, said the mother’s first litter of eight offspring all survived, but only a few have lived from subsequent litters…

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