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Dire wolf skull gets CT scan at Siouxland hospital

Cherokee, IOWA (KTIV) – Friday night, it arrived in a cardboard box, Cherokee Regional Medical Center’s next patient. There, not to treat a dire condition, but because it’s part of a dire wolf. A piece of skull to be precise.

What’s a dire wolf? Ask its handler from the Sanford Museum.

“Compared to a modern day gray wolf, they’re close in size. But very robust, very heavy duty built. They’re chasing down big Ice Age animals,” said Archaeologist Jason Titcomb.

Yes, he said Ice Age, which would make the rare Iowa find very, very old.

“I think it’s well over 10,000 years. Could be even older yet,” said Titcomb.

Age is what brought the specimen to the hospital. Researchers wanted to CT the skull before they slice off a small sample for carbon dating…

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