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Hunter Editorial: Mexican Gray Wolf reintroduction plan “needs balance”

We always feel our visitors should know what the special interests opposed to wolf reintroduction are saying – towards that effort, here’s an editorial posted on in response to an article which appeared in the Arizona Republic newspaper.

The Arizona Republic’s editorial board calls for the release of more Mexican gray wolves without a suggestion on how many or where (“More wolves needed in wild,” Feb. 10). Just more.

Wildlife conservation organizations, including the Arizona Deer Association, Arizona Elk Society and Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation, support re-establishing wolves in historical range, but are extremely concerned with where and how many.

We are also concerned about the wolf program being portrayed as unsuccessful and in peril of failure. Today, there are no less than 75 wolves comprising 14 packs on the landscape. Importantly, 20 wolf pups were successfully recruited into the population in 2012, which is two more than 2011. Wolf re-establishment is not a failing program, just a rudderless one.

We have many concerns about the current effort to re-establish Mexican wolves. First and foremost, current plans focus exclusively on areas in the United States while the vast majority of historical habitat is in Mexico. This is a recipe for failure that needs to be corrected…

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