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Wyoming wolf count wrapping up

Wyoming biologists have been hard at work collaring and counting wolves in the five weeks since the state’s first regulated hunt of the canines came to a close.

Despite a highly charged wolf hunt this winter — when some famous research wolves were killed — Wyoming biologists say pack numbers are right where they projected they’d be.

The count, while still rough, is anticipated to exceed the state’s wolf recovery goals by about 70 percent, said Mark Bruscino, Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s large carnivore supervisor.

“It looks like it’s going to be very close to what we predicted and said in the public meetings, which is: 170 wolves and 15 breeding pairs,” Bruscino said. “That’s a minimum known number of wolves.”

State officials pledged to maintain at least 100 wolves and 10 breeding pairs when federal Endangered Species Act protections were pulled for the canine at the end of September. Wyoming’s plan calls for another 50 wolves and 5 breeding pairs inside of Yellowstone National Park…

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The writer sugar coats this and seems to be quite slanted on the writing, but the information is valuable.

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