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Secretary of Interior nominee is environmentalist, business exec

President Obama’s nomination of Sally Jewell for Interior secretary Wednesday was lauded by several retail and environmental groups and is expected to pass the Senate without much objection.

Jewell is president and CEO of outdoor apparel and equipment company Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI), based in Kent, Wash. But she is perhaps even more well known for her work with environmental non-profits and conservation groups.

And as Interior secretary, Jewell would oversee the health and conservation of the nation’s public lands. If confirmed by the Senate, she will succeed Ken Salazar and will be one of the few female members of Obama’s Cabinet.

Obama praised Jewell’s “broad expertise” during the nomination Wednesday and her love of the outdoors…

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This is an excellent write up about Sally Jewell. We at HOWLColorado are optimistic that Sally will get through confirmation quickly and easily and that she will bring a true environmentalist attitude.

Sally sits on the board of the National Parks Conservation Association – which says the following on their web site regarding America’s predators: “Wolves and bears are an important part of the ecosystem, and NPCA works to defend them around the country.”

President Obama has disappointed in his first term, but came out of the gate swinging with a more liberal agenda even mentioning *gasp* climate change. We can hope this pick for secretary of the interior is more reflective of Obama’s for our wildlife rather than repayment of a political favor which is seemingly what got Salazar the job.

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