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Modoc Coyote Hunt Raises Concerns About California’s Lone Wolf

California only has one known wolf, and now wildlife activists are worried that he will die in a storm of bullets.

The Pit River Rod and Gun Club is holding a coyote hunting contest in Modoc County where the wolf — whom biologists have dubbed OR7 — was spotted last year. In the process of killing coyotes, the activists fear, hunters will accidentally kill the gray wolf.

Hundreds of participants will compete to see who can kill the most coyotes in the event from Feb. 8 to Feb. 10.

No one can legally hunt a wolf in California, but coyotes are fair game. In fact there is no season and no limit on the number a hunter can kill in a day. And the wildlife protection folks have a problem with that as well.

“At Project Coyote we believe that killing coyotes or any animal as part of a contest is ethically indefensible,” said Camilla Fox, the organization’s executive director…

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