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Controversial Montana hunting areas to remain open following court decision

On December 10th, 2012, two areas to the north of Yellowstone National Park were closed by officials, but a district court ordered the area reopened following a lawsuit from hunters and a state representative.

Following a lawsuit, a district court in Livingston, Montana has ordered that Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks was not permitted to enforce the closure of two areas to the north of Yellowstone which were closed in December in response to a large number of scientifically valuable collared wolves being killed by hunters.

The lawsuit was filed by various hunting groups and a state representative from Park County,

This decision has effectively reopened the hunting areas and exposed Yellowstone wolves to more killing if they step just outside the borders of the park.

Montana’s hunting season is set to continue until February 28th, 2013. Since the deadline for the end of the hunt is so close, it is highly unlikely that any additional court action will be possible.

As such, we see special interests controlling the agenda and even when state officials have a moment of sanity, it is quickly over turned by anti-wolf activists and science is once again disregarded.


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