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Wolf hunt approved for Colville tribal members

Colville Tribal members are able to hunt gray wolves in designated areas through Feb. 28, or until the quota of nine wolves is met.

Business Council Chairman John Sirois said recently the decision has been a long time coming and has been controversial.

The tribes’ reason for the wolf hunt is that the predator is denting the local population of both deer and elk herds, Sirois said.

The tribes elected to allow a wolf hunt in order to protect the tribes’ food supply. Many tribal members and families rely on deer or elk for their winter meat, Sirois pointed out.

“Wolves are starting to have an impact,” Sirois stated. “We decided it was much better to manage the population so we can keep the numbers down a little bit. We would rather do that than what the state Fish and Wildlife did and take a whole pack out.”

He was referring to what happened in Stevens County, where state officials used a helicopter and sharpshooter to destroy an entire pack that had been taking livestock in the area…

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