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High Death Toll May End Wisconsin’s Wolf Hunt Early

Wisconsin’s first wolf hunt, which is in its third week, may be ending at the end of November instead of at the end of February this year due to the unexpectedly fast rate of slaughter.

The state set a quota of 201 wolves in six zones for the season, issuing 116 permits to hunters and reserving an additional 85 for Chippewa tribes that may or may not be used. So far, 57 wolves have been killed, 32 of them in traps.

In August, Chippewa tribes from Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan asked the Department of Natural Resources to prohibit killing wolves in ceded territory in the northern part of the state, arguing that the hunt “is biologically reckless and would be culturally harmful to Chippewa Indians, for whom wolves are culturally important.”

The Humane Society of the U.S. and the Fund for Animals have filed a notice of intent to pursue legal action to stop wolf hunts in both Wisconsin and Minnesota and to have wolves relisted under the Endangered Species Act, reports the Pierce County Herald…

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