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As the Minnesota wolf hunt nears, disagreements run rampant

ELY, Minn. – Throughout Minnesota’s history, the wolf has been both mystical and misunderstood. Some find the nighttime howl of the animal soothing and comforting; the same sound can send shivers down the spine of a cattle farmer.

Federally protected for decades, the hunters are about to become the hunted. The population in the Land of 10,000 Lakes has rebounded dramatically, and the much-anticipated hunt will begin on November 3rd.

“There’s been a lot of interest. We’ve had over 23,000 people apply for the lottery,” the DNR’s Dan Stark said outside his Grand Rapids office. 6,000 hunters got a license through a lottery and they’re authorized to take 400 wolves in 3 seasons; 2 general hunting seasons and 1 trapping season.

“We’ve kind of estimated about a 7% success rate based on how many licenses we’re offering,” Stark remarked.

In 2011 in Montana, a wolf season drew more than 18,600 hunters. The pre-season quota was 220 wolves and hunters managed to harvest 166 during the initial season…

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