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The Minnesota Supreme Court has decided against blocking the state’s wolf hunt, scheduled to begin November 3.

LONDON, Oct. 26 (UPI) — Africa’s only wolf species, the Ethiopian wolf, is genetically vulnerable and faces a risk of extinction, scientists say.

A second red wolf has been found dead in Eastern Carolina, and a reward is being offered.

Two tribal councils have decided that they will not permit hunting on their land when the Minnesota hunt starts in November.

ELY, Minn. – Throughout Minnesota’s history, the wolf has been both mystical and misunderstood. Some find the nighttime howl of the animal soothing and comforting; the same sound can send shivers down the spine of a cattle farmer.

The Christ Church in Sparkill held its third annual EcoDay and fifth annual Blessing of the Animals on October 13, with presentations by beekeeper Ron Breland and representatives from the Wolf Conservation Center – including one of the wolves.

AITKIN, Minn. — A few weeks ago, rancher Dale Lueck noticed four wolves emerge from the trees that surround his 300-acre ranch full of knee-high grass just a few miles north of Mille Lacs Lake.

RALEIGH, N.C. – Wildlife and environmental groups are asking a Wake County court to block a new rule allowing coyotes to be hunted at night with spotlights after the shooting death of a similar-looking but endangered red wolf.

Wolf Haven International staffers are mourning the loss of Pahana, a 13-year-old male grey wolf euthanized Saturday because he was suffering from sinus cancer.

Some people have said that successful wildlife photography is 50 percent skill and 50 percent luck, but some days it just seems as though you don’t have anything going for you.

Wisconsin officials said on Wednesday that hunters killed five wolves during the first two days of the state’s inaugural wolf harvest, which began this week despite opposition from animal rights groups.

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Gray wolves once faced extinction in the upper Midwest. With decades of federal protection, their numbers rebounded. That led federal authorities in January to remove the wolves from the Endangered Species list, placing them under state control.

The rate at which wolves are dying in Wyoming is much lower than officials were expecting – Could it be that the population is not in need of control?

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — For years, vacationers and farmers across northern Wisconsin and Minnesota have heard the eerie howl of the gray wolf and fretted the creatures were lurking around their cabins and pastures, eying up Fido or Bessie. The tables are about to turn: Both states plan to launch their first organized wolf hunts […]

What are the key ingredients to raising successful, self-sufficient offspring? A new life sciences study using 14 years of data on gray wolves in Yellowstone National Park indicates that cooperative group behavior and a mother’s weight are crucial.

Last week the California Fish and Game Commission voted to make the gray wolf a candidate for protection under the California Endangered Species Act, a decision that will provide immediate protection to the state’s lone wolf OR-7, while a one-year status review is completed.

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