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Editorial: Why Minnesota wolf hunt?

Why a wolf hunt? It’s not because the wolf population is exploding and we need to “control” the wolves. No, the wolf population has remained stable, unchanged, for over 10 years, even while protected.

It’s not for livestock depredation. State experts agree that wolf depredation of livestock doesn’t impact agriculture in a meaningful way, with 88 verified complaints in 2011.

Moreover, a public hunt will do nothing to address depredation problems, which will continue to be handled as before with trappers dispatched to kill problem wolves and non-lethal techniques employed when possible.

It’s not because wolves are killing all the deer and we need to “manage” the wolf so there will continue to be a thriving deer population. The predator/prey relationship in nature has worked quite effectively over thousands of years, with natural fluctuations of abundance and scarcity.

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