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Lone California wolf cleverly using wildfire?

The famous lone wolf of California has been roaming curiously close to a large wildfire in Plumas County this week in what experts think might be a fiendishly clever ploy to pick off prey fleeing the flames.

The first wolf to enter the state in almost 90 years was tracked using his GPS collar to within a mile of the 63,160-acre Chips Fire, which was still burning out of control near Lake Almanor on Friday.

“Over the last week he was pretty darn close to the perimeter of this fire, strangely so,” said Karen Kovacs, the wildlife program manager for the California Department of Fish and Game. “There was speculation that he might be going after animals that are moving away from the fire.”

Nobody really knows for sure what the wolf, known as OR7, is up to, she said, but there aren’t many other reasons the canine predator would be lurking so close to towering flames. The fire has blackened some 98 square miles around the Plumas National Forest, threatening 900 homes and forcing evacuations in Canyon Dam, Big Meadows and, earlier, Seneca. Evacuation advisories were issued in Rush Creek and Prattville…

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