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Wolf intern is pioneer for future program

Oregon State University junior Kasey Moore is already a pioneer in her field.

While her area of study, wildlife biology, is well established, she is the first member of what wildlife advocacy group Defenders of Wildlife hopes will be a large internship program with the Wood River Wolf Project in Blaine County.

Moore spends most of her days in the field and was unavailable for a face-to-face interview, but wrote in a series of emails to the Express that she has loved every second of her roughly six weeks with the program.

The Wood River Wolf Project is dedicated to helping livestock producers deter wolves and other predators through the use of nonlethal deterrents. Standard tools in the arsenal include fladry—red flags tied to a sometimes-electrified line that is put up around sheep herds—telemetry, to determine the location of wolf packs, guard dogs and humans sleeping with bands of sheep overnight to scare off wolves who might be testing the bands…

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