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Our thoughts are with the victims of the Aurora theater shooting

Sometimes an event sends a ripple so large through a community that you must stop what you are doing and pay attention. HOWLColorado is based out of Aurora, Colorado (a couple of miles away from the Aurora City Center) and my day job is such that I was called in to work to deal with the shooting which happened at the Century 16 movie theater.

Currently 12 people lost their lives for going to see the new Batman movie. If I did not need to get up early to get to my job, I would certainly have been someone lining up for the midnight showing.

Fifty other people were injured, and at least 10 of those are critical condition and are, as I type this, literally fighting for their lives.

Senseless massacres are the hardest to comprehend, and it seems that this man planned his actions carefully. Not only were his actions random and cruel, they were calculated and brutal.

HOWLColorado expresses our deepest sympathy for the victims, their families and friends. You are all part of our community, and we hope that as you heal, either from injury or loss, that the community surrounds you and heals with you.

2nd amendment be damned, this country needs gun control and it needs it soon. There was no reason for this, and while a crazy man is crazy with or without a gun, he certainly could not have envisioned and executed a bloody, mindless, evil massacre.

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