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W.O.L.F. Executive Director steps down

W.O.L.F., a wolf sanctuary in northern Colorado, having recently weathered a dangerous wildfire, evacuation and subsequent torrential rain is now undergoing a change in leadership. Letter from Frank Wendland, former Executive Director of W.O.L.F.

I want to thank you with all my heart for your support during the trying times of the High Park Fire. This event has been one of the most challenging times WOLF has ever experienced. Our victory is that all the animals are safe, unharmed and back home.

The recent torrential rains have compounded the problems caused by the fire, and presented new problems such as ash runoff, and erosion of the fire road and the main road. The enclosures on the northern side of the valley have damage to timbers securing the dig guards, erosion under the dig guards, and damage to some of the gates. These areas will require extensive repairs.

The fire burned up to the fire road behind the enclosures on the southern side. There is extensive erosion between the two end enclosures and affecting the fire road. We will need to find a way to control runoff, install retaining walls, put up catch fencing to catch loose boulders that could roll down into the enclosures, and remove trees and debris that pose potential problems.

WOLF has been my life and constant dream for over 17 years. I love each and every animal for whom WOLF has provided sanctuary. They were and are my passion, and it has been my very great honor to have them under my stewardship. The ability to provide lifelong care and shelter for the animals could not have happened without your commitment. So you too have been, and continue to be, their steward.

With these changes and ‘renewal’ of WOLF, I have decided to retire from the position of Executive Director. I will be taking on a different role with WOLF where I can interact more with, and be more in touch with, the animals I so dearly love. I will continue to live at the Sanctuary and also remain on the Board of Directors in an effort to insure a smooth and effective transition.

We are fortunate that Dr. Shelley Coldiron will become the new Executive Director of WOLF. She has extensive experience in technology entrepreneurship as co-founder of 3 biotech companies and will bring her experience in management and fundraising to WOLF. Coldiron raised over $9M in her first two companies. Shelley also has over 25 years in animal care and management experience as well; she is very passionate about WOLF and excited about this new path in her life. Please give Shelley your support just as you have given me for all these years. She will need your caring confidence as she takes on the role of Executive Director as she learns the ropes and continues to grow WOLF.

Please reaffirm your dedication to the WOLF Sanctuary as we go down the long arduous road to recovery from the High Park Fire, and as we continue to grow and to advocate for the welfare of wolves and wolf-dogs everywhere.

I thank you for the trust and confidence you placed in me during my tenure as Executive Director. And, I look forward to seeing you around the Sanctuary on your next visit. Please make sure you stop in at the main cabin and say hi.

With all my gratitude for your wonderful support.

Frank Wendland

You can continue to provide W.O.L.F. with financial support as they recover from the fire by visiting their official donation page.

I love you guys at W.O.L.F., but that page really needs to be redesigned!! :)

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