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Controversial Minnesota wolf season details announced

Minnesota will join the likes of Idaho, Montana and Alaska with its first wolf hunting season this winter.Last Thursday, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources released specifics of the 2012-2013 wolf seasons. Since the bill passed in April, the DNR has been solidifying the details of how the process will work. The most recent step was an online public survey.

“Thank you for finally allowing a wolf hunt. The job of restoring the wolf numbers was a great success and I know our DNR will now manage the wolf population successfully,” a respondent said.

Since the wolf season has already been approved by the state Legislature, the online surveys were designed for potential hunters. Steve Merchant, the DNR wildlife program manager, said the DNR was looking for input on how to structure the seasons.

Still, plenty of opponents made their voices heard. About 80 percent of the 7,000 respondents opposed a wolf season altogether…

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