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Montana Fish, Wildlife, Parks points a dagger at Yellowstone Park wolves

Proposed new hunting rules would allow unlimited wolf killing right up to YNP boundary- Public comment could change this.Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks doesn’t think they killed enough wolves in the last hunt. As a result they are proposing hunting rules like Idaho had last year and more — no quotas, electronic wolf calls, even multiple wolf kills per hunter allowed. Idaho didn’t go so far as allowing trapping along the Yellowstone Park boundary, but Montana plans to. Last year the Park was protected from the Montana hunt by the setting of low wolf kill quotas in units along the Park’s northern boundary.

The majority of Yellowstone Park wolves live on the Park’s northern range, which is mostly in Montana. Most of the Yellowstone Park wolves have always lived close to the Park’s northern boundary. These wolves often use the area north of the Park because there is no livestock and it is mostly designated Wilderness (no roads), made that way by Congress back in the mid-1970s in part to assure that Park wildlife would not be impinged on from the north.

Because of the proximity of unlimited wolf hunting right next to the bulk of the Park’s wolf population, there is a good chance of severe Park wolf mortality right in the area where visitors most commonly have seen wolves. The hunters would be shooting and trapping naive Park wolves.

Businesses that rely on wolf tourism dollars are said to be complaining because the loss of the northern range wolf packs could eliminate most wolf watching in the Park.

A number of Park visitors and conservation groups are saying what happens to Yellowstone wildlife is a national issue. As such, all Americans can contact the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Park to give their opinion until June 25. The department will make a final decision in early July.

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