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Another Mexican Gray Wolf killed, sparks federal probe

The beleaguered Mexican Gray wolf program took another blow last month after a member of the Dark Canyon pack was killed. Officials are now trying to figure out what happened.The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service released information that a female wolf, who was a member of the Dark Canyon pack was killed in May.

The cause of death wasn’t initially clear, so the federal officials sent the body to Oregon for a narcolepsy.

Officials are particularly concerned for the Dark Canyon pack  as it is one of two packs which are currently at risk from the massive wildfire burning in the Gila Wilderness.

The Mexican Gray wolf program has suffered set back after set back, with almost 90 wolves being killed in the 14-year history of the program. Close to half of those deaths were from poaching.

Mexican Gray wolves are the most endangered wolf species in North America, with around 50 wolves total in the wild. The reintroduction of the Mexican Gray wolves started in 1998, 4 years after the highly successful Northern Rocky mountain gray wolf reintroduction.

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