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While judges on the Oregon Court of Appeals consider whether to authorize state biologists to kill two wolves for preying on livestock, the Imnaha pack has been going about its business, producing four pups this spring.

What happens when a Montana couple adopts a wolf pup? This new movie shares the story of the experience over 16 years and how a wolf is always a wolf.

Mitt and Don up in a tree (stand), . . .

About 80 percent of the more than 7,000 people responding to an online survey by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) opposed a wolf hunting and trapping season.

CONWAY — A very public dispute over the founder of Loki Clan Wolf Refuge in Chatham has the organization looking to reassure its supporters. Friends and supporters of Fred Keating, meanwhile, are vocally protesting his ouster.

DENVER (Denver Post) —Rescued wolves that hunkered down in their man-made concrete dens to survive the High Park Fire west of Fort Collins have traded their mountain surroundings for the high plains of Weld County.

A sad story was posted to the English newspaper, the Daily Mail, web site sharing the news that a Swedish zookeeper died after being attacked by the wolves under her care.

A massive, deadly wildfire has been burning almost unabated in Northern Colorado and the W.O.L.F. sanctuary was forced to evacuate. While firefighters valiantly battle on, W.O.L.F. has battles of it’s own over the next few months as they try and recover from the impact of the blaze. Frank Wendland, a co-founder of W.O.L.F., provides the […]

BILLINGS, Mont. — Wildlife advocates say they decided not to appeal to the Supreme Court to keep wolves on the endangered list in Idaho and Montana after their arguments were rejected in lower court rulings.

Proposed new hunting rules would allow unlimited wolf killing right up to YNP boundary- Public comment could change this.

Twelve-year-old Kodie has traveled to more states than many Americans, loves snow, vanilla ice cream and playing with Chihuahuas.

During their 2012 Winter Study, Michigan Technological University population biologist John Vucetich and wildlife ecologist Rolf Peterson started wondering where the wolves of Isle Royale National Park had gone. They only found nine wolves, and as far as they could tell, only one was a female. They expressed serious concern that the wolves of Isle […]

Our friends in northern Colorado are living under the threat of a massive 43,433 acre wildfire which sits at only 5 percent containment.

The Department of Natural Resources has set a preliminary harvest quota of 142 to 233 wolves for the hunting and trapping season planned to begin in October.

This was posted on the Alaska Wildlife Alliance web site by director, John Toppenberg

The beleaguered Mexican Gray wolf program took another blow last month after a member of the Dark Canyon pack was killed. Officials are now trying to figure out what happened.

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