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Trapper who killed Denali wolves scoffs at notion of buffer zone

SEATTLE — The prime breeding female wolf snared outside Alaska’s Denali National Park this spring — opening new controversy over hunting and trapping on the outskirts of the 6-million-acre park — was so thin that her backbone and hipbones were protruding, according to the trapper who caught her in a snare.“I know quite a bit about animals, and I’m telling you, she was emaciated,” said Coke Wallace, a Healy, Alaska, hunting guide who snared the wolf after leaving the carcass of an aging horse as bait about a mile outside the park.

“Those wolves have a tough deal. I always assumed the wolf lived like our Labrador pets, 10 or 11 years? Uh-uh. The wolf lives six or seven years. They live a very tough life; they’re very cannibalistic on each other. I can tell you that wolves kill more wolves than people do by a margin of seven or eight times every year. That’s just the way it is,” Wallace said in an interview.

The irascible Alaska back-country character, who has been guiding hunts and laying traps along the fringes of Alaska’s premier national park for more than 20 years, has ignited a new debate over wolf preservation at Denali…

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