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The International Wolf Center seeks your help picking a pair of pups’ new names

The International Wolf Center has two wolf pups which are being socialized and need names, which is where you come in.Every four years, the International Wolf Center gets new wolf pups to integrate in to their wolf ambassador program. It’s that time again.

The pups, currently nicknamed ‘Bolts’ and ‘Peanut,’ have been socialized by experts since they were 10 days old.

“We bottle feed them and we start introducing them to meat at a young age,” Jerritt Johnston, Education Director at the International Wolf Center said. “They get lots of human attention and handling.”

The constant human care and interaction is necessary for experts to monitor, protect, and ease the pups into their new wolf pack.

“[We do things] like rubbing their ears,” Johnston said. “When they become adults, we will be putting fly ointment on their ears during the summer. If they don’t like that behavior, if they aren’t used to that behavior, that could create a negative interaction.”

With continued care, experts say the pups will be able to join the pack in late July. –

If you would like to vote on the pups’ new names, you can do so here!

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