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Oregon’s wandering wolf doing well, caught on camera

OR-7 caught on camera

OR-7 caught on camera

Oregon native, OR-7, has apparently settled down for a little while in Southwestern Modoc County, is hanging out with local Coyotes, and has even “posed” for a photo.

As officials were traveling around Modoc County informing ranchers that OR-7 had settled down in their neighborhood, Biologist Richard Shinn snapped a photo of that very wolf!

This is the first time that OR-7 has been spotted by human eyes since he started his odyssey back in September of last year.

As is the way of wolves, OR-7 was reportedly stand-offish, preferring the company of the coyotes, but certainly was curious about the humans which had caught sight of him.

The photo was posted on California’s Department of Fish and Game, which you can visit here. He’s certainly a very beautiful wolf!

While OR-7 is traveling around California, you can track his progress on the less-than-fancy blog being maintained by California’ officials:

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