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NY preserve welcomes 8 critically endangered wolf pups

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South Salem, NY – The Wolf Conservation Center welcomed a rare, and very important litter of pups, 8 of them.

Our friends, and members of the HOWLNetwork, the Wolf Conservation Center in New York, are home to two proud new canine parents. F749 and M740 are two Mexican Gray wolves who bring hope to the future of their entire species. Sadly, the 8 newborn pups represent a full 2 percent of the entire world’s population!

Check out video and photos of the new pups on the sanctuary’s official website:

The two wolf parents were paired up due to their genetic diversity, which meant their offspring would be less susceptible to inbreeding.

From the Associated Press article:

“It’s always a good day when we learn of the birth of an endangered species,” said Peter Siminski, coordinator of the Mexican wolf program for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. “Eight new pups in a world population of around 366 is a 2 percent increase.”

Siminski said there are an estimated 42 Mexican wolves in the wild and 324 in captivity.

The wild wolves are kept along the New Mexico-Arizona state line under the federal program that reintroduced them to the wild in 1998.

To maintain genetic diversity, that population is restocked from pups born to the wolves kept in captivity, including those at the Wolf Conservation Center, which is 45 miles from midtown Manhattan.

“This is an important accomplishment for the Wolf Conservation Center because of all the careful planning and preparation that goes into the birth of a litter,” Siminski said.

If any of the new pups are selected for introduction to the wild, it won’t be soon. Siminski said chosen wolves would likely be sent to a prerelease facility, paired with opposite-sex wolves and allowed to raise pups themselves before being sent out.

The parents were selected as a breeding pair…

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