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SEATTLE — The prime breeding female wolf snared outside Alaska’s Denali National Park this spring — opening new controversy over hunting and trapping on the outskirts of the 6-million-acre park — was so thin that her backbone and hipbones were protruding, according to the trapper who caught her in a snare.

The International Wolf Center has two wolf pups which are being socialized and need names, which is where you come in.

CARLTON — State and federal officials say a dead calf found near Carlton was likely killed by a wolf, and its owners will be the first in the state compensated for it.

Commenters were concerned but calm at a Bozeman meeting Tuesday night on proposed changes to the state wolf hunt.

VALE — With the Malheur County Court having signed the agreement to receive state funds, the Advisory Committee for the Wolf Depredation Compensation and Financial Assistance Program has moved ahead with its organization and rule adoption for how it will manage the program.

Almost 40 years passed before anyone thought to miss the gray wolf. Wolves, along with grizzlies, had been deliberately eradicated in western states in the name of protecting people and their livestock. The last wolf in Colorado was killed in the 1930s. By the time they were added to the list of endangered species protected […]

TACOMA, Wash. – An endangered red wolf gave birth to at least six pups over an approximately 30-hour period Sunday night and Monday at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium.

The gray wolf found dead Monday morning near Pine Ridge made a 400-mile journey from Yellowstone National Park to southwest South Dakota in less than two months, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wolf specialist said Tuesday.

For eons, gray wolves roamed the northern stretches of the United States. When Europeans settled here, they systematically hunted them down until the species was perilously close to extinction. Like the grizzly bear that adorns our state flag, gray wolves were erased from every corner of California.

Rob Schultz takes the lead as the Center’s new Executive Director

HELENA — Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks commissioners are being asked to give initial approval to a wolf-hunt plan that would allow trapping and eliminate quotas.

Oregon native, OR-7, has apparently settled down for a little while in Southwestern Modoc County, is hanging out with local Coyotes, and has even “posed” for a photo.

The wolf population in Yellowstone National Park is facing a vicious new predator: sarcoptic mange.

South Salem, NY – The Wolf Conservation Center welcomed a rare, and very important litter of pups, 8 of them.

The Arizona Fish and Game Department released their monthly Mexican gray wolf update for April.

NEW ROADS, La. (AP) — The bad dog of the neighborhood has received a life prison sentence.

Wyoming continues to go its own way when it comes to hunting, approving proposed regulations for the gray wolf to be shot on sight in most of the state, and establishing a hunting season for the declining sage grouse.

Seven gray wolf pups were born at the New York State zoo at Thompson Park Sunday, the zoo announced Tuesday morning.

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Kenai Peninsula wolves will get at least a year reprieve from state-sanctioned culling.

From today until May 16, Wyomingites will have perhaps a final chance to voice their opinion through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on the proposal to remove Endangered Species Act protection for gray wolves in the state.

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