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Wyoming expects more than 50 wolves to be killed by hunters

Hunting, according to officials, will account for a little over half of all Wyoming wolf deaths if the plans continue to remove wolves from the endangered species list for the state.


JACKSON, Wyo. (AP) — Wildlife managers estimate hunting and other causes of death should reduce Wyoming’s wolf population outside Yellowstone National Park to roughly 170 wolves by next December.

The estimate from the state Game and Fish Department assumes the predator is removed from Endangered Species Act protection in the state next fall as planned. Wildlife managers say there are currently about 270 wolves in Wyoming outside of Yellowstone…

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It is ironic to note, after the initial fervor has died down and the bloodthirst has been somewhat satiated, that Wyoming may end up having the toughest time of the three northern Rockies states, driving down their wolf population in the way the politicians and ranching special interests would like.

Still, the brutal persecution of northern Rockies wolves continues unabated, and without intervention, these states are going to drive their wolf populations down as far as possible, and they are determined to regress to the 19th century in the process.

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