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Idaho Wolf Management Off the Rails

By Idaho standards, it was big news this week when Idaho Gov. Butch Otter approved the state’s first-ever felony animal cruelty law for pets and livestock, leaving the Dakotas as the only states without similar laws.But even animal rights activists in Idaho were hardly pulling out the champagne. At the same time Otter was signing the bill that many believe too weak to actually improve the treatment of domestic animals, Idaho state game officials were trying to explain why they failed to use existing laws on the humane treatment of trapped wild animals to charge a trapper who took time to pose, grinning, in the blood-stained snow next to a wounded, but still very much alive wolf.

The wolf had likely been ensnared in the trap for hours, if not days, but trapper Josh Bransford thought it was fine that he take time to crouch beside the bloody, frightened animal for a photo op. And apparently, so do state officials, who at best conducted a fly-by investigation of the incident before throwing up their hands…

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Written by Noah Greenwald, Endangered species program director, Center for Biological Diversity

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