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Minnesota’s proposed wolf season comes under fire

ST. PAUL — A Mississippi American Indian leader objects to a wolf hunting season that appears near passage in the Minnesota Legislature.She joins several Great Lakes-area tribes in opposing wolf hunting and trapping proposals.

Chairwoman Sandra Skinaway of the Sandy Lake Band of Mississippi Chippewa told a Minnesota Senate committee about her concerns, but said the issue flew under the radar and she missed testifying to a House committee.

“In the Anishinaabe creation story, we are taught that the wolf is a brother to original man (Anishinaabe) and the two traveled together throughout the earth naming everything,” she testified. “Once this task was completed, the creator told the wolf and original man that they now had to take separate paths but said that whatever happened to one would happen to the other and that each would be feared, respected and misunderstood by the people that would later join them on earth…

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