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CWWC aiding in conservation for the Mexican Gray wolf

The Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center staff and volunteers are dedicated to not only education, but preservation and conservation of the critically endangered Mexican Gray wolf.Mexican Gray wolves are the smallest, and rarest, subspecies of the gray wolf. Today, numbers are extremely low in the wild.

With the help of the two permanently residing male intact Mexican Gray wolves, Rio and Cero, CWWC is able to make a small but outstanding impact on this unique species’ survival.

In 2012 alone, CWWC has aided in semen collection for breeding programs across the country, blood samples, and canine tooth measurements just to name a few.

Canine tooth measurement is a procedure helps to determine whether a species other than the Mexican Gray wolf (such as feral dog or coyote) predated on livestock. Unfortunately, in Arizona and New Mexico, the Mexican Gray wolf is blamed for these fatalities and is highly poached. With the help of canine tooth measurements, the government can help put a stop to illegal poaching.

First published in the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center newsletter: March 2012

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