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Not only wolves suffer at the hands of Wisconsin legislature

In fascinating, last minute political acrobatics, Wisconsin legislators approved a wolf hunting bill, amongst a myriad of mind-twisting bills.From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal:

Legislators paved the way to the first hunting season since wolves disappeared from the state more than 50 years ago. The Assembly passed it 69-25 at 3:30 a.m. Wednesday, sending it to Walker.

Wisconsin took over management of wolves on Jan. 27 after the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service removed them from a federal list of endangered species.

Tensions have escalated over the gray wolf as its population has soared and as wolves have killed increasing numbers of livestock, pets and hunting dogs.

The season would start Oct. 15 and end in February.

Some groups opposed to wolf hunting said the season lasts too long and would extend into the breeding season. They complained that the bill has been rushed through the Legislature and that a provision that allows for night hunting is unsafe. They also said it will do little to address problems with livestock operators.

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While HOWLColorado focuses on the plight of wolves, the rest of this article provides many causes for concern, and it is no wonder the legislature puts the lives of wolves so low.

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