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Montana ranchers continue to devolve back to 1800s by demanding wolf bounties

Pissed off that hunters could not spill enough blood to quench their thirst, Montana livestock owners are calling on officials to introduce $100 bounties on adult wolves and $20 bounties on puppies.

From the Helena Independent Record:

Southwestern Montana livestock owners fed up with rising wolf numbers say the state’s efforts to reduce the predator population have fallen short and they want to give bounty hunters a shot.

Faced with such grumblings after news this week that the Montana wolf population is still growing, Fish, Wildlife and Parks officials are holding a meeting Wednesday to discuss what additional measures can be taken to kill more wolves.

But frustrated Ravalli County commissioners and livestock owners are way ahead of them. The county commission is holding a vote Monday on a proposed wolf policy that calls for a big hunting quota increase. And a petition circulating among ranchers there asks county commissioners to impose a fee on county livestock that would pay for wolf bounties.

A full-grown wolf carcass would bring $100. A wolf pup would be worth $20…

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