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Minnesota officials detail wolf hunt – “conservative” quota set at 400!!

The Department of Natural Resources has set a “conservative” quota of 400 animals for its first-year hunting and trapping season on the iconic, recently delisted gray wolf.The proposed season for this fall, Nov. 24 to Jan. 5, would blink-off once the 400 animal quota is reached. DNR officials propose the issuance of 6,000 licenses with a limit of one wolf per licensed hunter.

An application fee of $4 is proposed, with the cost of a wolf license set for $50.

DNR officials on Thursday appeared before a House environment and natural resources committee to detail their wolf proposal.

“The department has never managed wolves in Minnesota,” said Ed Boggess, DNR Fish and Wildlife director, of the first regulated wolf season in state history…

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Wonderful. Americans can’t wait to murder wolves in places they never have before!! What is it with the US and solving their problems with firearms?

Dr David Mech apparently does believe the proposal to be “excellent” which is interesting since the article never really clarifies why. HOWLColorado will ask Dr. Mech that exact question.

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