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SILVER CITY, N.M. – Mexican gray wolves in the Southwest continue to struggle to survive in the wild in part because too few wolves are being released from captivity, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s 13th annual progress report released this week. On a more positive note, the report (which covers 2010) documents […]

An examination of wolf reintroduction to the San Luis Valley didn’t come at the prompting of federal wildlife officials.

The Department of Natural Resources has set a “conservative” quota of 400 animals for its first-year hunting and trapping season on the iconic, recently delisted gray wolf.

California’s new wild wolf resident generally has been on the move since arriving one month ago. But the wolf known as OR7 has spent a lot of time lately in the same region where the state’s last known wild wolf was killed in 1924.

WQOW-TV – Starting Friday, farmers can apply to take aim at Wisconsin wolves. For the past four decades, wolves have been on the endangered species list in the state. But wildlife officials recently decided to remove that protection because wolf numbers are up significantly. 

John Vucetich, a wildlife ecologist from Michigan Technological University, leads the wolf-moose Winter Study at Isle Royale National Park.

PHOENIX — During a routine update on the Game and Fish Department’s nongame program activities, the Arizona Game and Fish Commission – during its regularly scheduled monthly public meeting – voted unanimously to amend its policy on the release of Mexican wolves in eastern Arizona.

A gray wolf, who wandered hundreds of miles from home in search of a mate, has been captured on camera for the first time.

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — The return of gray wolves has dramatically altered the landscape in portions of Yellowstone National Park, as new trees take root in areas where the predators have curbed the size of foraging elk herds, according to scientists in a new study.

BILLINGS, Mont. — Wolf hunting restrictions in portions of Montana bordering Yellowstone National Park are protecting the park’s animals from a repeat of a previous hunt when almost half the members of a well-known pack were killed, federal and state officials said Wednesday.

Wolves as they reclaim their role as top predators in Oregon may change the landscape in ways anyone can see, according to scientists who study wolves and their environment.

Like the state and federal governments, the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation is preparing for the return of wolves to the Eastern Oregon landscape.

A wild wolf has been back among us for a week now. True to form, he is beginning to cause a stir.

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