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260 wolves dead in Montana and Idaho, but both states seek more blood

As of the latest updates, 260 wolves are dead, but that’s not enough blood as one state debates extending their season and the other has… well… no intention of stopping any time soon. Idaho hunters have claimed the lives of 154 wolves (one through trapping), but only 56 of those count towards their so-called limit (which only applies to less than half of the wolf-killing zones).

That means there are about 110 more allowed by that limit, and of course, there is NO limit and about four months left, for a majority of Idaho’s zones. Idaho is killing wolves at a rate of 1.5 wolves per day. At this rate, there will be about 150 more dead wolves in Idaho before the end of their season – which means the rate of killing has slowed, but the state is still on track to kill over 300 wolves.

Montana has closed two of their wolf killing units, and their hunters have claimed over 100 wolves, but the state is not happy with the pace of wolf deaths, and as such believe that the state will fall far short of it’s 220 wolf killing quota.

As such, their FWP commission is currently considering extending the season by one month to end on January 31st instead of December 31st.

One question that begs to be asked is:

If so many hunters bought tags, and wolves are so numerous that they must be slashed by 25 percent (or more), why is the rate of wolf murders not anywhere near the desires and expectations of the two states?


Wyoming of course would put 60 percent of their wolves at threat when they take control of their wolf “management.”

Wyoming taking over would be a shift from Federally protected to “vermin” to be shot for any reason, with no regulation at all.

It’s going to be a rough holiday season for the Northern Rocky Mountain wolves.

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