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New movie starring Liam Neeson tells the story of an oil drilling team that survive a plane crash in Alaska, only to be hunted (!) by a pack of wolves (???).

Congressional negotiators, at the insistence of the White House, killed a budget rider that would have prohibited lawsuits against a pending agreement to remove Wyoming wolves from the endangered species list, U.S. Rep. Cynthia Lummis, R-Wyo., said Friday.

SACRAMENTO — Recent news accounts have reported that a gray wolf has been wandering in southern Oregon.

Don’t close the book on Fido’s genealogy just yet: A new study led by University of California, Davis, wildlife genetics researchers provides a surprising glimpse into the global heritage of both wild and domestic dogs.

After years of rumor, this week photos of a federal aerial gunner and pilot in an Idaho plane, the Killer Bee, suddenly surfaced. The yellow Piper Supercub plane, adorned with 58 wolf-paw stickers, stimulated an outpouring of emotion from wolf lovers. Each decal represented a wolf that federal agents of the Wildlife Services killed as […]

As of the latest updates, 260 wolves are dead, but that’s not enough blood as one state debates extending their season and the other has… well… no intention of stopping any time soon.

Oregon’s wolf-without-a-home, “OR7,” may not attain the level of notoriety of a similar iconic namesake, James Bond’s “007,” but his exploits have reached a similar international stage.

J. William Gibson wrote the following Editorial which appeared in the LA Times.

Wisconsin is home to nearly 800 wolves. But during the last week of November, the DNR says seven wolves were killed, including one in Dunn County.

The Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks commission is meeting today and tomorrow  to consider extending the wolf hunt to the end of January.

Wolves wandering in to Illinois

December 8th, 2011

A large canine shot in Jo Daviess County on Nov. 19 is expected to be confirmed as a wolf, said Craig Tabor , acting resident agent in charge for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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