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Wolf Project Promotes Nonlethal Control In Wood River Valley

HAILEY – For the past four years, Wood River Valley sheep haven’t been afraid of the big, bad wolf.

While the sheep will always face predators, falling victim to a wolf hasn’t been a looming concern thanks to a developing project in Blaine County.

Four years ago, Defenders of Wildlife began monitoring how many sheep were lost to wolves within the Wood River Valley. The Phantom Hill pack was moving through the county, taking sheep at higher rates than normal.

“The train wreck hit in 2007,” said Suzanne Stone, Northern Rockies representative for the wildlife group. “We were getting asked by sheep farmers what we could suggest to help keep the kills down.”

As a result, Defenders of Wildlife began encouraging the use of nonlethal ways to prevent wolf depredation incidents. The efforts focused on training ranchers about what they can do to prevent large predator kills.

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