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Wolf hunt has claimed over 200 wolves, and trapping season has started

There are just poignant, and somber moments that most be observed as this year’s bloody massacre continues just hundreds of miles north of Colorado. Passing 200 dead wolves AND the return of trapping are certainly two of those moments… and they both happened November 15.

It’s getting rougher to be a wolf out there. Montana hunters are proving very efficient at killing wolves, and the sheer volume of wolves targeted in Idaho combined with the particularly barbaric tools at their disposal, means that this winter is going to be particularly deadly for our wolves.

Montana has killed an estimated 13 percent of their wolf population, which is about a third of the overall 220 wolf killing quota. One large zone (390) is pending closure now that the quota has been met.

Idaho authorized the use of trapping to start November 15, and their hunters have claimed the lives of 122 wolves, 15 percent of their estimated population (only 43 are counting towards any kind of limit!).

The most disturbing thing is the tactics which are being authorized by Idaho to kill the wolves in their state.

Trapping is a barbaric, inhumane and cruel method of killing any animal, and worse still, traps don’t only kill or maim their intended targets, but also any other animals that are unlucky enough to encounter them.

Is this is what our 21st century civilization has reverted to? This is considered acceptable??

Imagine, if you will, the sound of shattering bone as large metal jaws clamp with brutal force on your leg. After a few hours, you may be wishing for a merciful release of death, but Idaho hunters are only required to check their traps every three days, so night falls. It’s cold, and you can’t move to a place to keep warm. You haven’t eaten in a day, and there is no hope of getting food. You are thirsty but there is no way for you to get water. The pain is excruciating and your survival instincts are driving you to one, unavoidable conclusion. If you are going to escape, you are going to have to chew through your own leg to escape.

You start ripping your flesh where the bone has been snapped. Once you have gone through the horrific pain of shredding your own skin and muscles, you have to bite through the nerves and tendons that are left.

Finally you are free, but mutilated. You lick the wound, hoping to staunch the bleeding. But you know, deep down, that regardless of the pain and torture you just experienced, it’s only the beginning of the suffering. A three-legged wolf is relegated to a packless status that must sustain life through catching small prey – assuming that infection and blood loss hasn’t already condemned you to death.

And humans consider themselves an evolved, compassionate species. Some even claim to follow the teachings of a kind higher being.

What a joke.

This is, pure and simple, evil and sociopathic.

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