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Weekly wolf extermination update: Week 6

[large thumbnail url=”weekly-wolf-extermination-update-week-6″ filename=”news” year=”2011″ month=”10″ day=”07″] [thumbnail icon url=”weekly-wolf-extermination-update-week-6″ filename=”news” year=”2011″ month=”10″ day=”07″] With the Idaho and Montana wolf hunts under way, it is a sad duty of HOWLColorado to provide our members and visitors with a weekly update of the state-sanctioned annihilation.

The Idaho web site hasn’t updated since Wednesday, October 5, but as of that last update, the wolves of Idaho are still being killed at about a rate of one wolf a day and currently sits at 37.

Sawtooth is now officially the deadliest area of Idaho, with 8 wolves are dead out of the 60 scheduled to die in that zone.

Twenty wolves, which is more than half the dead, have been taken in areas which don’t contribute to the 165 wolf quota.

Official Idaho wolf hunt page

Montana, conversely, updated their site today, and their wolf-killing efforts are consistent week-to-week.

The subunits for wolf killing unit 390 include 313/316 which had a quota of three wolves. the state closed the unit on Thursday after four were killed. It’s unclear as to whether they will allow 390’s quota to stay at three or instead close the entire unit when the overall quota of six has been hit, meaning unit 390 itself would close one wolf short of it’s own 3-wolf quota. I guess we will have to wait and see.

The total number of dead Montana wolves now number 11, which is up from eight last week. The hunters appear to have settled at about a rate of 3 wolves a week after what they admitted was a slow start.

Montana’s official wolf hunt web site

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