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Feds find money for Minnesota wolf trapping

[large thumbnail url=”feds-find-money-for-minnesota-wolf-trapping” filename=”news” year=”2011″ month=”10″ day=”07″] [thumbnail icon url=”feds-find-money-for-minnesota-wolf-trapping” filename=”news” year=”2011″ month=”10″ day=”07″] The federally funded wolf-trapping effort in Minnesota that ran out of money and shut down Friday could be running again within days after the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture pledged new money for the program.

HOWLColorado Note: Why are the feds paying for wolf trapping?? How do you feel about your taxes being used to pay for this? Let your representatives know.

U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., told the News Tribune on Tuesday that Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack pledged to use money from the agency’s operating budget to restart the wolf trapping and killing program.

“Secretary Vilsack has assured me that he has found the money to extend the program out to the end of the year,” said Klobuchar, a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee. “We need this program to keep Minnesota livestock and residents safe. … The gap in that coverage was unacceptable.”

Klobuchar said her focus now is to push forward an effort by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to “delist” wolves as an endangered species by the end of 2011 and give management back to state and tribal natural resource agencies. The state then could begin more-aggressive wolf management efforts, including allowing the public to shoot wolves causing trouble…

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