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Weekly wolf extermination update: Week 4

[large thumbnail url=”weekly-wolf-extermination-update-week-4″ filename=”news” year=”2011″ month=”09″ day=”23″] [thumbnail icon url=”weekly-wolf-extermination-update-week-4″ filename=”news” year=”2011″ month=”09″ day=”23″] With the Idaho and Montana wolf hunts under way, it is a sad duty of HOWLColorado to provide our members and visitors with a weekly update of the state-sanctioned annihilation.

It was a rough week for wolves in Idaho as hunters shot nine more to bring the total count up to 23.

While the oft-mentioned Lolo killing zone still hasn’t had a reported wolf kill, Sawtooth and Panhandle are proving to be relatively bloody with 4 wolves per zone.

The quota for zones which actually have a quota adds up to 165 wolves that Idaho is hoping to kill in those areas. Remember, less than half the zones have no quota of any kind. Fourteen wolves of the 165 have been killed so far, leaving a minimum of 153 of America’s wolves will be slaughtered before Idaho is happy.

Idaho’s official wolf hunt web site

Montana’s web site reflected a few odd changes this week appearing to have increased the quotas. Two weeks ago, the quota for Montana sat at 41 animals and it has since been raised to 49. It appears the increases occurred in killing units 290 and 390.

It is also a tad misleading in how they are listing the kills and quotas. 290 and 390 both have subdivisions. It appears as though they are counting the kills in the subdivisions and totaling those for the master division. So it’s a little unclear just how many wolves are currently dead. It is currently either five or eight. I am inclined based on how it reads to think the total is 5, with 3 coming from the large 390 killing unit.

Montana’s official wolf hunt web site

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