HOWL Colorado is now wind-powered!

[large thumbnail url=”howlcolorado-org-is-now-wind-powered” filename=”news” year=”2011″ month=”09″ day=”08″] [thumbnail icon url=”howlcolorado-org-is-now-wind-powered” filename=”news” year=”2011″ month=”09″ day=”08″] has transitioned to our new hosting company, Canvas Dreams, a web hosting company committed to green energy and sustainability.

HOWLColorado is proud to announce that we have moved our site, and any future sites we develop, to a new web hosting company, based out of Oregon.

Canvas Dreams is a hosting company that has committed itself to sustainability. From being 100 percent wind-powered at their Portland hosting facility, to using the latest technology to reduce the amount of power their facility uses, Canvas Dreams represents everything we at HOWLColorado look for in a company we do business with.

Additionally, Canvas Dreams offers a competitive alternative to major service provider, GoDaddy’s CEO Bob Parsons is a proud Elephant killer.

You can read Canvas Dream’s official statement regarding Parsons here.

Clearly, when HOWLColorado learned of this activity, we decided it was the antithesis of our philosophy and as such, ending the business relationship with our former host became a priority.

Initial redesign proposal

Initial redesign proposal

This is not the end of the changes you can expect to see from HOWLColorado over the next few months. We will be launching a new version of the site, with a new look and new features.

Preview the proposed new design by clicking the image to the left.

This is the initial proposed change to the overall skin, and does not reflect any content and/or functional changes.

Disclaimer: Canvas Dreams did not request, or compensate HOWLColorado, to endorse their products and services. HOWLColorado makes no claims regarding Canvas Dreams and their products and services which are not sourced from the marketing materials produced by Canvas Dreams.

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