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Weekly wolf extermination update

[large thumbnail url=”weekly-wolf-extermination-update” filename=”news” year=”2011″ month=”09″ day=”02″] [thumbnail icon url=”weekly-wolf-extermination-update” filename=”news” year=”2011″ month=”09″ day=”02″] With the Idaho wolf hunt under way, it is a sad duty of HOWLColorado to provide our members and visitors with a weekly update of the state-sanctioned annihilation.

For as long as the hunts continue, and wolves are needlessly killed for political and financial gain, we will post a weekly update on HOWLColorado.

Two wolves have already been killed on the far western edge of Idaho in the McCall-Weiser wolf killing zone.

McCall-Weiser has no limit in this year’s hunt.

A third wolf was killed on the opposite side of the state in the Island Park killing zone, which represents the first of the 165 mandated harvest limit.

The limit for the Island Park killing zone is 30, and it has one of the shortest killing seasons, running from August 30th through December 31st.

Most of the 13 killing zones have a season which stretches, disturbingly, from August 30th through March 31st of 2012. Lolo, an infamous zone in the wolf debate, has a killing season which covers almost an entire year, ending June 30th. A distinction it shares with only one other killing zone, Selway.

This information is taken from the official Idaho Fish and Game site.

Do yourselves a favor, as you talk to people about the wolf hunts. Don’t sanitize what’s happening with terms like “harvest” … this is killing. People like to avoid the harsh realities of their lives by hiding them behind friendly sounding terms. You harvest corn, or tomatoes or oranges, not animals. Especially not animals you don’t kill to eat.

Blood sport has no place in a civilized world.

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